Good boots and bad intentions

I found these boots at my favorite thrift shop. They were brand-new with tags which meant they were probably the generosity of some unlucky shopper before me. Most shoes at thrift stores are junk. The heels are worn down, the black footprints are sealed into the fabric or they are just so old, they probably came from the estate of unfashionable ghosts. 

After I put these boots into my cart and walked around, a woman stopped me and said, “Hi! Are you going to buy those?” and pointed to the boots. The boots in my cart. 

I nodded, even thought the boots in my cart should have been the international sign for, yes, I am going to buy these.

Then she added, “Oh, do you mind if I try them on?” 

I was stunned but she seemed like a friendly person so I watched as she lifted the boots from my cart, took off her shoes and slid them on.

“I just want to see if they fit!”

I just stood there, thinking, okay I’ll let this lady answer this question. I’ve walked away from dresses and purses and left with the lingering, what if? 

She turned her ankles, surveying how they looked on her. “Darn,” she said, “They fit.”

Then there was this silence, a short period of time that I started to fill with worry and guilt. Should I give them to her? Is this the part of the Hallmark Channel Christmas movie where my cold heart melts and I somehow find the holiday spirit? 

And what would my Hallmark be about? Who would I play? Typically, these movies feature an uppity lady in a non-threatening job (marketing! florist! sometimes doctor, but like not a laser surgeon, someone who only tells you to get more rest) who has to move to the country, find an obvious except to her love interest and then becomes a better person! My Hallmark movie would just be about how I went to a used clothing store and didn’t give boots to a lady who asked to try them on. BORING.

The woman put them back into my cart and walked off but left me with all the guilt building up. She didn’t seem like this was the one pair of shoes that would change her life. All her cruicial choices were hanging on these gold buckled boots on sale for $12. And she didn’t go as far to say, “Can I have them?” 

But I wanted them. And if anything, her desire made me want them more. Yes, they are a size too small but I’ll break them in! I can’t really feel my pinky toe but who needs that toe anyway! 

She left with an answer, they did fit. And I was left with a question: AM I A BAD PERSON?

My December 2016 Stitch Fix Review

On a whim, I signed up for a box from Stitch Fix. I work in a trendy office, one that isn’t all suit in tie but also isn’t yoga pants and hoodies (I wish!) and I know some of the others sign up for various fashion subscriptions, including Stitch Fix. I usually do not trust any fashion choices to anyone else–I have a history of my mother making me try on clothes *outside* the dressing room because “No one’s watching” (only the JC Penney security guards!) and my husband coming home from a conference in Austin and suggesting that I wear a bandana around my neck because he saw it on a waitress. Like I could ever be good looking enough to work in Coyote Ugly! I would only want to be the real coyote, roaming the forest and wondering why I’m getting so much side eye from the other woodland creatures.

I filled out a long survey about my style preferences, clicking on what I like, what I think I am (A hot mess? A hawwwwt mess!) and signed up for my first box.

I tried to take some pictures but the lighting in my bedroom is so terrible, it looks like I’m a murder witness on Law & Order. “So Mona, you’re telling us he was holding the gun and you got that dress on sale?”

So I danced! Here’s to dark show music and fashion, Dick Wolf!

The only way to test out my first #stitchfix box.

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In dancing order, here’s what I received this month:

Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan – $48
I wasn’t so thrilled by this. It’s a cardigan, I know I need one or seven, but I could get this myself. I was excited for something new, like when I go to Denny’s and another theme menu is featured. Mona, are you comparing clothing to a chain restaurant? Yes I am and I miss the Lord of the Rings Hobbit Hole Breakfast!

Norris Split Neck Blouse – $44
I did not like this at all. It felt too loose in the tummy and with my short-waist, I look too food baby bulgy which at my age everyone will think is just a regular baby.

Sariya Jersey Dress – $74

I liked the top cut on this dress, even though it was tight around the shoulders. I look too broad. Like my body has built-in shoulder pads without the benefit of having absorbent material on my shoulder so I have something to cry into. Also, I don’t think my mom would like this dress at all and would immediately purchase a nun’s habit to drape over my cleavage. Even though I would tell her, don’t worry, there’s 4 hours left on my 18-hour bra. Nothing is falling out.

Kassidy Faux Wrap Dress – $68
This dress has good intentions. Well-made, great fabric, but it didn’t execute correctly on my weird frame. It was too tight at the chest and then too long at the hem so it was the Stranger Things upside down world of clothing and once again, no one is looking for Barb.

Cristen Shirt Dress – $68
This would have been fine but I didn’t like the fabric around the waist. It made me look like I was wearing a top spanx and a bottom spanx and I’m too worried that someone will hug me and feel where the two meet.

So I struck out this time, I learned that I need to be more clear about my preferences–no sleeves, no old lady clothes, more form-fitting, more “Not bad for two kids.” I updated my preferences and I’ll definitely try out another box. It doesn’t hurt to have someone else look for my clothes, as long as it isn’t my mom who will buy clothes and try to recruit me into the Mount Carmel Cathedral choir.

If you’re interested in trying out a box of your own, you can lift me up Josh Groban style and use my referral link.

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