a five-year old’s really delayed gratification

I sent my gifts to Saipan before I left for Arizona and they didn’t get there until yesterday. It’s my fault, really. I procrastinated. I bought my niece Brianna a smore-maker which works just like an easy-bake oven, using the magnificent power of a light bulb. According to my sister, she loves it and even exclaimed, “This is what I’ve wanted all my life!” That’s right, in her five years on earth she’s longed for this synthetic campfire-looking lamp. I’m sure she requested it back in the womb. I gave my sister a check which she doesn’t want to accept. Apparently my money’s no good since I’m a poor college student which is really nice of her since I would probably accept any money she gave me, without guilt or shame I might add. I convinced her to deposit it into her other daughter’s (my god daughter) trust fund.

Have you seen delivertothecnmi.com? I remember living back home, the only delivery came from JC Penny or Amazon…

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