Fan an inner fire

I listened to a song today that I hadn’t heard in a few years and I realized how much has changed since I heard it last. I was 19 and still new to Seattle. I didn’t have a car and every place I went seemed raw and unfamiliar. I was so naive; I hadn’t fallen in love, I mean really fallen in love. I had dark waist-length hair and a tendency to wear black clothing… I’m going to be 22 in a few weeks and as I’ve changed this city has too. Now I wear color, my hair is layered and my visa is almost paid in full… Strange what music can do…

My wallet hemorrhaged 182.00 for textbooks. There�s shrink wrap on a couple of them, meaning that if I tear it open and decide to return it later, they�ll be �used� and I won�t get all my money back. I�ve heard of shrink wrap horror stories where people have bought a new book, torn off the plastic and when they dropped the class, they were out money. The real crime is publisher’s printing a new edition of a textbook so you can’t sell the book back, despite the new textbook containing slight, insignificant changes. This is a load of bull, if you ask me.

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