Happy Day

In what could be the greatest compliment I’ve ever received from a teacher, my genius professor asked me to wait after class. I was worried that he was going to comment on my Tale of Two Cities paper. This five-page heap containing my hemorraghed but respectable arguments about duality and duplicity came back to me with a 4.0 on it. So I started thinking back to it while I waited. Did I misuse transitive verbs? Is he going to take back the grade and hand it to someone more deserving? Maybe he’ll give me a 4.2! But then, once the class filed out, he said, “Have you applied to any of the English department scholarships?” I said no. “You should. Do it and I’ll write a letter for you.” Just like that, without any request of my own, I get a recommendation letter.

I’m going to float on the clouds for a little bit. The weather’s good for it.

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  1. I fully expect to see your photo and bio on the inner sleeve of a best seller in due time. You’ve always had a way with words and an imagination (and dreams) beyond the norm.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I fully expect that Joe wants in some self-proclaimed “Island Girl”‘s pants.

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