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When I was in the fifth grade, I was obsessed with British television shows, especially Absolutely Fabulous. The main character Eddy was a drunk PR exec/ex-hippie whose daughter Saffie was her level-headed science genius polar opposite. Saffy told her once, “You move from self-induced crisis to self-induced crisis!” Sometimes I think I’m the same way, that I bring a lot of stress upon myself. This week I had a enormous project to finish, two books to read and a five-page paper to write. I think I need Yoga or a life-sized punching bag, preferrably in the shape of the guy who stole my parking space today.

Yesterday, I presented a video I’ve been working on to a group of 80 Seattle officials and non-profiteers. It was for a 50 million dollar fund which relocates businesses affected by the building of light rail. I had finished it on Monday, but the staff wanted changes, which was fine since it’s their project, but still… They all loved it (after I had changed it fifty times), which isn’t the point, but important to me because I had lost so much sleep over this. (like now, when I’ve accidently trained my body to wake at 3 in the morning…) And to add sulfur to injury, last night, the Executive Director told my boss, “Monica did a great job.” I didn’t say anything but my boss said, “Yes, but her name is Mona.” He shrugged and smiled.

I also lost four pounds this week, which I want to credit to my new attempts at nutrition but I can’t say for sure.

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    You annoy me.

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