my v.d.

So last night I dreamt that I missed my meeting with my professor. This is how I know that I’m stressed over school. I’ll dream that I’m either late for class because 1) I’m on the other side of the country or in another country entirely or 2) I slept through my body clock (which never fails me) or 3) a combination of 1 and 2. Either way, I had nothing to worry about. I thought I was late for my conference and I walked into his office and he said, “You’re early! I saw you running up the stairs!” I went through my whole revision process with him, telling him how I took his advice on taking out the stanza which targets academic fellows and highlighting the last stanza’s emphasis on sound. So he liked it, *very much*. Whew.

I bought Mike a small tres leches cake from the neighborhood Salvadorean Bakery. The woman was so nice to me and wished me a “Happy Valenteen’s Day!” Yes, Valenteen’s, not Valentine’s. It was sweet.

Mike and I had dinner on Alki. Last year we ate at Salty’s, which was packed so tightly you needed a shoe horn to get into your seat. The view then was gorgeous and it hasn’t changed. This year we opted for low-key seafood. I tried to take a picture of the city skyline, but I kept getting blurry lsd-shots which no one likes. I like this one, though.

He also gave me a single red rose which my cat Lilo promptly tore (and by *tore* I mean practically ate and clawed) through while I wasn’t looking. I think there’s something not right with that one…

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