I have this huge project to finish and I would have had it done today since I got out of poetry class early, but I didn’t do it. I went for coffee with Tack and Anthony. Those guys are hilarious; they should have an act. Since we are not native Seattle-ites, we are afforded the privilege of judging those who are. Take for example the intellectual snobs. I swear, there isn’t anything that annoys me more than people who throw out cryptic quotes or latin phrases (lux et veritas = light and truth, a phrase my genius professor who unsnobbish mentioned in class earlier this quarter) so that they can seem smart. This, we all agreed, is annoying.

And to further prolong my project’s completion, I walked with Tack for about a hundred blocks to his apartment so he could burn me a CD of Ginsberg reading poetry. And I walked back.

Now I’m here, listening to poetry, cooling off my poor feet and writing this.

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