weird dreams of late

1. It was in the evening and I saw a cliff diver of Acapulco lowering himself down on a rope, a few feet from the rocky side. When I looked closer, he was holding onto a skeleton.

2. My man’s ex is in our apartment and the two of them are talking. I’m dressed in an oversized man’s shirt that still shows my heart-covered thong. She’s wearing a business suit and is nice to me but not particularly friendly. (Somehow this is the only thing that makes sense) My mother calls and everyone listens to me speak to her in Chamorro. The ex has brought her maid and her maid’s seven asian children who all seem to cling to me. The maid is toothless and tiny. And insists on talking to me.

3. I’m in a basement classroom and I realize I’m in the wrong room. I’ve missed my huge conference with my poetry professor but I know I’m not ready. The class begins to fill up. I’m suddenly in the back of the class, trying to make my way out, but I’ve spilled oily salad over the floor. I’m trying to scoop it with my hands, but the salad dressing is flowing like soup. They’re talking about Tale of Two Cities. Someone talks about a murderer named Gaston and I think, I don’t remember that part of the book.

*This can be easily explained by last night’s events. Odawni and I met each other for dinner, drinks and catch-up. She’s awesome and has such amazing strength. We drank wine (white for me, red for her) and toasted to strength. Not as cheesy as it seems since the conversation matter afforded it. We had black bean cakes over a spinach salad and lightly salted edamame. After that, we headed to Red Sky for the open-mic poetry reading, but we were late. We stood out in front and noticed that the only way to get in was through the front door and literally in front of the reader (they need to rearrange the setting). Everyone looked at us gawking through the window wondering where my classmates were and if there was any seating. We were going to wait until the woman finished reading, but she was apparently reading an epic poem. It was too cold to wait.

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