since they don’t read this…

I can talk freely here about certain people because they don’t read this blog. Today this person I used to work with called me up to ask me if I could take her, her kid and her drug-dealing boyfriend to the airport. I stopped talking to her about a year ago when she asked me for money so she could go to Arizona. It really surprised me because I didn’t know her very well and she had bragged about how much money her man was making. So I kept her number on my cellphone jsut so I could screen her out. I deleted a while back and didn’t recognize it when I picked up. She started a pleasantry type of questioning — “How are you? What classes are you taking,” then went in for the kill – “What classes are you taking on Tuesday? Tuesday morning? Could you take us to the airport?” I immediately said no and I felt no remorse. I referred her to a shuttle service. She had no idea and kept asking where she could get a shuttle, how much did it cost, etc.

I had a toxic friend a long long time ago, the type who only told you negative, depressing stories. He wasn’t always like that, but it got to the point where there was so much whining/self-pity that I couldn’t take it. So let’s call him Mr. Negative. I saw Mr. N the other day and I was secretly praying that he wouldn’t spot me. He didn’t, or if he did it was of me rushing in the opposite direction. I kept imagining all the excuses I would give him as to why I couldn’t talk – late to class, late to work, hair appointment, anything. But here I don’t have to use my excuses. You depress the hell out of me. I didn’t lose your number, I deleted it. When you would tell me about the girls you’re “dating” I would roll my eyes. Seriously, just because a girl is nice to you doesn’t mean she’s your girlfriend. Also, work on your romance skills. No one wants to hear about how you need to take a shit; it’s not sexy at all.

Neither of them get on the internet or read this so I’m not worried. Wow that felt better.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mo, I like your short articles. They, truly, keep me cracking up for hours…heck even days. Keep up the wonderful “born with” skill.

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