I guess we can dream.

I never had a good answer when someone asks about my choice of movie stars with whom I would consider having sex. Of course, in my dream world, there would be Colin Firth, but that’s about it. It’s really off-putting when people have *lists*. Once a guy who was nice but not particularly good-looking told me about his list of celebrities and I was suprised to hear he had so many. As he rattled off all the women he would “do,” I kept thinking, “There’s noooo way that Scarlett Johnansen, Jessica Alba, or Sarah Michelle Gellar would have sex with you.” To be fair, Colin Firth isn’t going to have some stunning epiphany about me, either.

I have a paper which I am not writing right now. If you could tell.

I brought my wedding dress home today. Right now, I need an opinion.

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