Why do I feel she’ll eventually be on Oprah?

Is anyone else as furious over the runaway bride? Just the language there is apalling. How about the poor-little-rich-girl-spreading-covert-racist-messages-bride? Regardless of her intentions (cold feet or lack of a spine), she cost people money and time. She played the race card with her “hispanic kidnapper.” I’m sure she thought everyone would feel sorry for her if she could portray herself as this poor defenseless girl who had been kidnapped by a very bad hispanic man. Give me a break! Aren’t people charged for staging a kidnapping? Shouldn’t she be charged too?

CNN writes: “Agents and detectives learned that Ms. Wilbanks had become scared and concerned about her pending marriage and decided she needed some time alone.” If you need time alone, go to the library.

Over at Althouse, a more articulate statement is delivered. “Blaming a Hispanic man was an important fact that belonged in the report. Leaving it out was — it seems to me — an attempt to save Jennifer Wilbanks from additional harm to her reputation.”

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