money, it’s a gas

2005 UW Salaries
Tangent: This guy post scans of his tax returns. Is that odd? I only check my tax returns when I want to break into uncontrollable sobs.

Assuming this is true, some of my favorite professors make less than $100K, one of the true greats only makes $24K as a lectuerer. I found one professor’s salary and I thought, “You make $110K and you only have office hours one day a week!!!” Maybe I should print this out with his name highlighted and tape it on his door. The college president makes $470K/year but was originally hired with a $160K bonus incentive. That’s outrageous.

On a side note: I met a guy once who told me that he had discovered some huge security flaw in Internet Explorer and Microsoft was so impressed that they flew him in from Boston for a job interview, all expenses paid. They told him that they would reimburse him for whatever he spent while in Seattle. He racked up a $2500 bill going sky-diving with his friends. Microsoft paid in full and hired him.

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