Narcissism with a small �n�

The other day I was on the computer in the library, working on notes for my final. The computers were placed next to the tall windows which faced the walkway outside. As I worked, I noticed that many people were looking in. It felt uncomfortable, but I knew that they weren�t looking at me: they were checking out their reflections. About eight out of ten people casually and not so casually followed their moving bodies mirrored on the glass. It�s a small strangeness that people can be captivated with the image of themselves in motion. It�s different from looking into a mirror because that face is still. I don�t think many people have huge dance studio setups or mirrors large enough to capture a short walk. Mostly women did this, but I caught many guys changing their walk slightly. I find this lower-cased narcissism fascinating.

My genius professor walked by without paying any attention. He did not turn his head once.

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  1. The sun shines on the front windows of my store, so when people walk by they are always checking their hair, sucking in their stomach in profile or picking things out of their teeth. They don’t seem to realize that there are people on the other side of the glass looking out at them as they do all of this.

    The best though, was a lady walking her dog. Not only did she watch herself in the reflection, but the dog was so caught up with seeing itself that it wasn’t watching where it was headed, and it walked directly in to one of the brick support columns that hold up the overhanging roof.

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