There’s something disenchanting about seeing nerds become celebrities and the celebration of that upward social mobility. Granted, I loved the movie Spellbound. The movie was painfully accurate about the exciting and exhausting world of academic competition. On Saipan, I toured the speech and debate circuit and was fortunate enough to win sometimes. I had to work extremely hard, though, as did the others who frequented those competitions. I was such a nerd and I knew it. Nerdhood brought with it isolation and awkwardness. It was great. What made it somewhat magical was that it was mysterious to those who didn�t spend countless hours preparing for a five minute speech and couldn�t relate to the exhilaration of holding a plaque your name in tiny engraved letters. Now the movie and the recent Tony-award winning play are great but it feels almost corrosive, as if the magician�s trick has been revealed. I did find one line funny out of this year�s National Spelling Bee: �Can you spell that?�

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