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All this anti-climatical news about the tsunami warning is getting to me. Have you seen the footage the news outlets are using of the Crescent City residents evacuating? There’s one young woman who’s running with her friend when all of a sudden she breaks into a stupid twisted-leg jog?

I remember that in ’94 or ’95 Saipan had a tsunami scare. Since we lived close to the beach, the cops came around to our neighborhood blaring out instructions to leave. Of course, my brother and I weren’t worried. He told my mom that he would stay and “watch the house,” which meant finish watching Ricki Lake and I would have to load groceries into the car alone. I asked him if he would he be happy knowing he was watching Ricki Lake when he died. I don’t remember his answer. There might have been some violence and brother-inflicted head trauma after I said that.

Last night, I dreamt that I was in some hotel or convention center. Everyone had to evacuate, so I head out of the building with everyone else. I noticed on the way out, people were still waiting in line at Starbucks. A short-haired woman dressed in a red business suit stood motionless with a startled runaway-bride-bugged-eyed stare.

I’m thinking this means I need a tall, non-fat vanilla latte.

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