So I was given information about a former classmate of mine (read: gossip), someone whom I considered at one point to be a friend. She was beautiful but she played a lot of mind games. She hurt friends of mine and injected herself into relationships. I never knew the *real* her, and after a long time, I realized that there wasn’t anything real. She was a pathological liar. She pilfered from books abstract sayings and high-flown names, fashioning herself into whatever the book was that week. And she forgot me as easily as I forgot her. The received information (read: grist from the long-distance rumor-mill) led me to her website, which then led me to one of her many “profiles.” The personal photo/avatar she used was a red, white and black illustration of a collared-dominatrix, showing the region from mid-cheek to just below the bustline. I recognized this immediately because it came from MY old website (There’s proof!). I had spent a long time on that graphic and here she was, stamping ownership on it. Well, that might be going a bit far, figuring that she didn’t claim to have created it. I should take it as a compliment that she thought so much of my work to use it, but it feels better to say to the gentlewomen of the jury, “That bitch robbed me!”

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