almost like a movie

Yesterday, in the young adult section of the book store, I stood in the doorway-sized aisle next to an old man donning a tweed cap. He held up The Wizard of Oz, and said, “Trivia question: what color were Dorothy’s shoes?”

“I’m guessing they weren’t red.”

He said in a campfire-story tone, “No, they were silver.” Delighting in his trivia-prowess, he chuckled, “Yeah, they changed it for the movie!”

I smiled, turned back to the shelf and he walked away. Perhaps that was the only question he knew and I just happened to be his strategic positioned audience. I thought of Shakespeare’s sagacious characters who just pop into the scene to impart advice or disseminate information and exit just as quickly as they arrived.

“The little foolery that wise men have makes a great show.”
As You Like It (1.2.50)

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