fever to tell.

I had two nightmares. In the first one, I lost two teeth which left weird, shifting patterns in my mouth. I think this has something to do with my wisdom teeth coming in (strangely enough, I don’t feel smarter). The second one was a strange Memento-style sequence, where I am kidnapped, but calm, dressed in a black cocktail dress as if I am one of those trophy wives in first-class. Then I see how I got kidnapped: I was cornered by a large man and when I tried to escape, two others popped up, lassoed me and stuffed me in a dumpster bound for the Puget Sound. I think this is about my obsession with threes and it being manifested in my paper. In Alice and Wonderland, there are strange occurences with three: the Executioner, the Queen, and the King argue that they can’t behead the Chesire Cat unless he has more than a head to cut off and the Queen invokes her favorite order: Off with [his/her/everyone’s] head!

But maybe it’s not that complicated, that the real solution is to stop falling asleep with the television on.

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