In my dream, I was planning and executing a wedding in one day. Nothing was prepared, aside from the dress. We were on Saipan, but not. There was the beach, the place where my sister had her reception, but somehow situated in Washington. I was freaking out because I was scared that no one was going to show up on short notice. So I called Odawni and told her I was getting married that day and asked if she needed a ride. She asked me if I was having it at the HUB and I said no, but I didn’t know where. I was thinking that maybe someone could be in charge of figuring out the reception while the wedding was taking place. But who would be taking reservations for 20 (strange I thought of that number) that day?

Yesterday Mike and I went to the West Seattle Junction fair, and on the way, we saw the downtown view and a wedding. I wanted to take more pictures, but I enjoyed the scene instead.

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