jury duty day uno

Today is my first day of jury duty. Luckily, King County has provided its jurors with wireless, thus allowing this entry. A judge came out and told us how important we all were for being randomly chosen. He told a Groucho Marx joke, “I was married by a judge but I should have had a jury.” Laughter ensued. We watched a 12-minute movie from Raymond Burke, you know, Perry Mason. I wonder if in some other county they have Ally McBeal reciting something about the history of juries. Thirty people were called for jury selection and I was not one of them. Man, I’m never chosen for anything! Raffles, dodge ball teams, the NFL draft, G-8 summit participants, and now, jury selection. I met a nice woman who laughed at my jokes while she was putting together some 1000-piece puzzle of a European castle, but then she tried to jack my vending-machine coffee and shrimp-flavored cup-o-noodles. I could have cut her, but I put away my treasured tae-bo moves (evidence that I’ve indeed matured since my days in juvie) and instead told her to check herself before subsequently wrecked herself.

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