gestational hypersexuality

It’s true about pregnant women and dreams. My dreams of late have been vivid and hyper-sexed and hyper-stressed. In the first few days of pregnancy, I dreamt that I was in the bathroom, taking a pregnancy test but instead decided to pee on Mike’s toothbrush instead. And it felt good. Last night’s dream involved Mike and I getting into a fight because he insisted on seeing a movie on Madison, but I told him there wasn’t a theatre on that street. Later, I saw an old classmate whom I found out posed naked for websites. She told me that she had a crush on me and I asked her what ever happened to that. I’m wearing a black stretchy dress and I lift the girl up in my arms. My mother comes out and tells me not to stress my back and a former coworker walks out and musses up my hair.

Did you know that you can get diabetes while you’re pregnant and once you pop the baby out, *poof* it’s gone. Are these dreams something like that? Craziness.

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