in utero

So the conversations have been going mostly like this:

Me: I haven’t done much today. Mike and I went to the doctor, found out we’re pregnant—oh but I went to the fabric store today and got this great brocade…
Other person: WHAT?!? Oh my God!!!
Me: I know! It was on sale!!!

I wonder if it’s too early to feel unsexy. Because that’s how I feel right now. There isn’t anything glamorous about morning sickness, or in my case, morning-afternoon-and-night-sickness. I keep thinking, I’ll have to put away my sexbomb outfits and hooker-heels for a paisley mumu and fat-feet-flip-flops. Goodbye, Mona’s sex appeal.

And I’m tired. I yawn, but it’s not one of those tee-hee dainty yawns. I’m talking full-on West African baboon yawns. I don’t even cover my mouth since I know I’m going to be gaping open for at least five minutes. And folks, let me tell you how attractive that isn’t.

It’s early and already difficult. I have a lot of support, though, from family and friends who know how much I want this hatchling. My sister Arlene is particularly funny about it, telling me to put perfume on my stomach so bad spirits won’t come after it.

Stay tuned.

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