be kind.

I think I should work on being nice. Lately, I’ve been really mean and irritable. Some girl in my English class began her monologue-length response by saying, “I don’t know what philosopher said this, but like, you know when you’re in a cave, and like, it’s really dark, and like you go outside and see all this color and you want to get people out of the cave…” and I thought, “It’s Plato, woman, now STFU.”

Maybe it’s senioritis or pregnancy, but whenever I’m in class, I automatically hate people. Outside of class, I hate women who don’t know anything about pregnancy giving me advice. At the breakfast where that stupid woman told me that she’d rather abort herself by falling down the stairs than have a baby, I was trying to explain that I’m reading material on what I shouldn’t eat from and another woman said, “Oh, you should get a real list.” I thought, “Thanks for the advice Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, I should stop reading fake lists.”

Sometimes, I don’t know how to respond to questions. A lot of people ask if I’m throwing up yet, and I think that’s because everyone knows more about morning sickness and cravings than they do about hot flashes and heartburn so it’s an easy thing to ask. Still. Do you really want to know?

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