it’s not me, it’s me.

I’m waiting for Mike to wake up so I can start cooking. I would start now, but I’m afraid I’ll be done before he’s up and then I’ll have all this food staring at me. I could always blame it on the baby. I think Thanksgiving’s the only day where I would rather be having quadruplets because then I could say, “I’m eating for five!”

According to my sister, my two-year-old goddaughter Brandee picked up the tail end of the turkey, ate it with both hands and announced to the party, “I’m eating the butt! I’m eating the butt!”

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

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  1. Hope your Thanksgiving was spectacular and that little Elmer (I’m going to push for this name. How sweet would it be to have a child named Elmer?) got his fill. Talk to you soon.

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