my inner child, literally.

About a week after the first ultrasound, I got a call from my doctor’s office saying I needed to go in again for a follow-up. There were some light spots on the baby’s heart that they wanted to check for abnormalities. So Mike and I, being naive first-time parents, freaked out for a good while. We had other people telling us it would be fine, that this was all normal, but I still worried. I mean, I’ve taken the meds, I’ve been eating right, I’m young and healthy and they tell me this? So about two weeks pass by and Mike and I go for the follow-up ultrasound. And what does the radiologist tell me? Those light spots on the heart? Normal. They’ll just get lighter. The nurse who called and freaked us out? She’s a skanky hoe. Yep, she said skanky hoe. And by she, I mean, me retelling this event the way I believe it happened.

And yesterday’s ultrasound confirmed it. I’m having a boy. I have the scrotal-picture for proof.

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