Happy Giving Birth-day!

So back in November, the radiologist told me that April 29th would be my due date. These past few months, it’s seemed like a date too far to imagine ever arriving. And now my due date’s here. I don’t think today’s the day though. I’m not having any contractions, not even the Braxton-Hicks ones.

If my son goes past his due date, will this be indicative of the rest of his life? Will he forget to return library books or videos? Will he call me up at all hours of the night because he missed a credit card payment? This is not looking good.

Mike says that our son’s just being courteous because today’s also the first day of the NFL draft. He should just make an appearance in case one of the teams calls. That’s a phone call you don’t want to miss, even in utero. Mike says that even if Nathan’s drafted from the womb, he won’t be able to play the first year since he’d be breast-fed every quarter. And we’re not sure of his 40-time, but we definitely know he’s a kicker.

I still say it’s time for an eviction notice.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was thinking about you today at work, wondering if you would go on your due date or if the baby would hang onto one of your ribs for dear life, thus ensuring more hilarious blog fodder.

    Best of luck pumping that sucker out, Mona! Seriously. You’re a braver man than I am for taking this one for the Gipper. šŸ™‚


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