Pictures from our Baby-Moon

Mike and I went to Ocean Shores a few weeks ago to get in a last vacation before Nathan arrives. I wish it had lived up to the name I gave it, Ocean Whores, but sadly no. It was a beach town filled with senior citizens, but very slutty and nasty senior citizens I must say.

Mike gambling
Will our son go to Harvard or ITT Tech? It rests on Mike…

Mike won!
ITT Tech it is!

Ocean Shores

Mike: Let’s feed it some bread!
Me: No! Don’t feed it bread. Then it’ll come back here expecting bread.
Mike: (Pauses) Oh I know! Let’s feed it meat loaf!

Yes, dear readers. My husband, who has a master’s degree, tried to feed this animal meatloaf, though we all know that deers do not eat meat. But you should have seen the look on his face–the excitement, the joyous possibility that maybe, just maybe, this woodland creature would accept his offering. And when the animal sniffed the two lumps Mike had thrown down, it moved its head away in rejection.

Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores

Our balcony provided a great view.

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  1. Niece Megan says:

    Hey Auntie Mona It’s Megan love your site!! can’t belevie it in 20 more days nathan shall be born i am so excited

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