Futile positions to induce labor

Futile physical positions to induce pregnancy

Presenting: “The Captain Morgan”

Tangent: That striped blob in the background is my mother’s airmattress. We try to keep it classy at Chez Hickey, you know.

More futile positions to induce labor

“The Sumo Wrestler”

More futile physical positions to induce labor

“The Street Fighter Fire Ball”

More futile physical positions to induce labor

“The Un-Girly Man”

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  1. I don’t know what I’m doing…I wanted to post the comment under “So the deal is…” but I can’t figure out how.

    Anyway – I ended up being induced on May 10 last year. So while you’re in labor, I’ll be eating cake for Katelyn’s 1st b-day. Well, maybe not cause of the time zone difference. Ok, so while Katelyn, James, and I are sad because we’ll be getting her 1-year shots on May 11, we’ll think of you in labor and pray for the best.

    Dang, this was a freaking long comment.

  2. In the top pose, you seem to be plugged in to the wall outlet. Is that your electric personality you’re recharging?

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