Pain at the pumps


Breastfeedng hurts. It has made my nipples raw and sore. I was really determined to solely breastfeed this child and I had given up all hope when he was losing weight. But yesterday my breastmilk came in and now I can finally live out my dream of winning a wet T-shirt contest without the use of water.

There’s something very Pavlovian about how I run to this little one whenever he stirs. Mr. Boob-It-or-Lose-It cries and out comes right baby feeder or left baby feeder. During this morning’s feeding, I told Mike, “I’m just Tits McGee to this guy.”

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  1. For the first few months of my daughter’s life I felt like a dairy cow (fat and full of milk).

    And I understand your pain…it was horrible for me at first! As I’m sure other’s have told you – the pain will subside, but the nutrition and bond with your baby will last forever.

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