Poetry and pummeling

Do you want to watch my husband read a poem about Nathan to the Seattle City Council? Sure you do!

Visit the Council archives here . Click on the first link to the 6/20 meeting and view his magnificient seated reading! Real Player required.

The action unfolds within the first five minutes so you don’t have to watch the whole thing, but if you stick around long enough, you’ll be treated to amazing sights such as the back of my head, me pushing the stroller back and forth, and the honky-tonk-badonka-donk known as my butt moving in and out of view.

I should also mention that the baby crying during my husband’s reading is not my baby. It was some other woman’s child fussing away in their stupid jogging stroller. If Nathan had more control of his fists, other than to violently shove them in his mouth, he would pummel that child and give that mother a real reason to spin those wheels.

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