The Monster Under My Bed

When Mike and I were cleaning the house to make way for baby, I decided to schlep all my dusty books and textbooks over to Half-Price Books, a used bookstore. After an hour or so of wandering through the store, I returned to the sales guy who wrote me a slip for my money and pointed to a pile of my books he claimed “were not in demand.”
On top was this:

The Monster Under My Bed

My mom had sent me the kid’s book, cartoons and all, to help me learn Chamorro. It would have been appropriate if I were 9 instead of 19 at the time. Still I pleaded to the gentleman, “My good man! Surely you jest. I Birak Gi Papa’ Kattre-Ku is in high demand! How could you reject such a fine work of literature?”

The Monster Under My Bed

“This is a perfect example why children’s beds should have guardrails!”

The Monster Under My Bed

“And check out the Home Alone allusions!”

The Monster Under My Bed

“And the climax where the mom discovers that the ‘monster’ is really porn!”

And I stood there arms akimbo and warned, “Listen mister, you just wait until the movie comes out. Then we’ll see what’s in demand.”

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  1. Mona, your mom is great! I doubt that I ever met her…but she looks so familiar.

  2. Oh, and I noticed the many Target references you have on this blog. So, these are for you:

    Slave to Target

    Target Culture

  3. Thanks for the links! I am such a slave to Target.

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