water torture

I took Nathan into the doctor for his two-month check-up. I don’t think he had a good time at all. After his weigh-in (12 pounds, 8 ounces – woot woot!), I laid him down on the table to dress him and he started peeing. I’m never prepared for that mini-yellow geyser, so I grabbed the diaper and attempted a pee-block, but instead deflected the flow and it hit him in the eyes. Are you reading this, Child Protective Services? I made my son pee in his eyes. Poor kid. Then I had to hold him down so the nurses could give him his shots. It broke my heart to see him morph into a red-faced grimace and to know that I not only had to restrain him but I gave an eye full of urine.

The doctor's office

I can’t shake it off. I would never want to pee in my eyes. The nurses cooed and taped on some roadrunner band-aids, but man, if I peed in my eyes, I would want some tequila. In the mouth.

And now, some chit-chat:

“We have to go. The baby’s getting fussy.”

“Dude, do you always refer to yourself in third-person?”

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  1. Oh my gosh! That’s so sad yet so funny.

  2. I know! Poor guy. I felt so sorry for him.

  3. wow, i wonder if it burned his eye. lol

  4. I feel bad cause I couldn’t stop laughing while I read this. Odd contradicting feelings. How’s he doing? My heart aches when babies have to get their shots.

  5. Thanks for asking, Deece. Nathan’s sore from the whole ordeal so I massage his legs. But it was really agonizing to see him in pain.

  6. Aww. You’re stronger than me. James works across the street from the children’s clinic so I always have him run over to take Katelyn in for her shots.

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