Christmas in August

I’ve decided to cut off my left boob. I’ll be One Boob Mo. That way, when you’re chugging beers at the biker tavern with your friends Snake Bite, River Rat and Scuzz, you can tell them the story of the woman who cut off her own boob because of the searing, throbbing pain. One Boob Mo, that’s me.

And this story is my gift to you.

Nathan’s featured on

My son peruses the Ikea catalog

Cool, no?

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  1. Nathan is famous! Woohoo!

    My goodness, I cannot imagine the pain you are going through with that clogged duct. Is that what it is? I thought you went to the Doctor to get it fixed? Any luck?

  2. I told my mom that I cut off my susu and now it’s just a su.

    But seriously, I haven’t felt pain like this since I gave birth. That same rolling intensity, but different area. The healing process is exhausting and painful. It hurts to hug.

  3. LOL @ Su!! Mona, you crazy girl.

  4. LOL!

    That’s so cool that someone picked up Nathan’s picture!

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