conversations with a cheapskate

Me: Did you get the pacifiers from Target?

Mike: Yes.

Me: Did you use the coupon I gave you?

Mike: Yeah. The guy gave me a weird look though. He asked his manager if he could use it.

Me: Oh. That’s probably because the coupon expired last month.

Mike: Oh really? You could have told me. It was only fifty cents.

In other cheapskate news, I drove 27 miles to buy an Exersaucer for $10. Ten dollars! The cheapest one I’ve found in a consignment store went for 25 bucks and it didn’t have any toys. I know Nathan doesn’t exactly have the head-control skills (Wouldn’t that be a great name for a band? Head-Control Skills? Or maybe a porn. Head-Control Skills 27. Geez Mona, you’re talking about your son on both sides of the parentheses. Get a hold of yourself, woman), but doesn’t he look cute already?

Nathan working out in his Exersaucer

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  1. That was a great dealio! Nathan will LOVE it and you will be rescued many a day that you need to sit him down. It’s so nice to have a fun trap for them when they become mobile.

  2. I’ve kept him in it for a few minutes at a time and he loves it! He gets lost in all the jingly-jangly things. It was such a great deal! I love a bargain. I’d rather go bargain-hunting than get flowers. Is that weird?

  3. anne nahm says:

    Ooh! We have that one at home. Wheeee! Ours was also second hand, but not such a deal as 10 bucks. Way to go!

  4. Anne, I was a little skeptical of the price so I decided to burn some sage in case the previous owners unearthed the Exersaucer from an ancient Indian burial ground.

  5. Mommy off the Record says:

    Hello! Fellow cheapskate here! I totally drove 45 minutes to buy a $15 toy slide from craigslist for my son earlier this week. And I also give my husband coupons. (But then I often find them stuffed into this pockets after he’s come back from the store.)

    Thanks for visiting my blog by the way. I like your writing!

  6. No, that isn’t weird. There are many a thing I would rather have than expensive flowers… the hubs will never “get” that…

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