I am tired, but I shouldn’t talk

My sister went into labor on Labor Day. The irony is not lost on me.


This is her seventh child.


But you wanna hear something more shocking than that?

My sister gave birth

She did it without an epidural.

Antonio Cabrera. 8 lbs 1 oz. 18 inches. Vertical leap: 0.

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  1. Your sister is crazy! Seven children? Doesn’t she remember how incredibly hard it is to have a newborn? Or am I just super weak? haha Congrats to you all, you are an aunt again! And the baby is super cute!!!

  2. metro mama says:

    Seven! Shocking indeed!

  3. Erm.. wow

  4. Congratulations! A not-so-long time ago, I thought I wanted 7 kids.

    Wow, no epidural, huh? Were any of her first kids born out here? They don’t give epidurals on Saipan. Not unless there is some kind of emergency or you are going to have a c-section.

  5. Mommy off the Record says:

    Congratulations!! Wow-7 children. That’s awesome.

    Equally awesome is that she had the baby without an epidural. That is no small feat.

    Out of curiousity, what type of breathing exercises did she use? (I had to go quasi natural against my will last time and I might have to do it again so I’m stocking up on advice on this topic.)

  6. creative-Type Dad (Tony) says:

    OMG! 7 kids?! You realize that’s more than ‘the Brady’s’.

    Nobody ever has more kids than ‘the Brady’s’. It’s never been done before…

  7. Wow! Great work, sis! I tried it without, but was very, very happy with Mr. Epidural Man after it kicked in. Whew!

    So, ha ha, now you can see I found you here after a quick google search! Hope thats okay? And I promise your car door lock secret is safe with me…heh!

  8. 7?


    123456 7!

    Sorry, my uterus punked out after 2… I am amazed by the strength of your sister.

    Congratulations… what a blessing!

  9. Yes my sister is crazy, but isn’t there some unwritten mandate about at least one crazy per family?

    MOTR: I don’t think she had any real breathing exercise other than to use her instincts. I remember the nurse telling me pre-epidural that I should relax the muscles in my face and become as limp as possible. It helped for a short while, but yes, it no small feat, indeed.

    Tony: I think the Ingalls had more than the Brady’s. I want to say the Waltons, but I’ve never watched that show.

    Kristin: Totally okay! I wanted to ask to read your blog, but I wasn’t sure about the etiquette. Thanks for keeping car door secret safe. Whew!

  10. Your sister needs a statue dedicated to her infront of the hospital.

  11. wow 7 kids! i had 4 natural deliveries DRUG FREE, but i had an epidural with my last because of an emergency csection.

    congrats mona’s sister! man i’m glad i’m done having kids lol. i always found that adjusting to a newborn was frustrating.

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