Nathan’s plan for world domination

I found this in the crib this morning.

Nathan's plan for world domination

If you play Baby Einstein backwards, it’ll say, “Paul is a dead man.” I believe Nathan had something to do with it.

up and away

The awesomeness of the ergo

I think I’m going to leave Mike and offer my “services” to the inventor of the Ergo Baby Carrier. I’ve become sick of the sling, the Snugli and the Baby Bjorn. whenever I wear one of these contraptions, Nathan’s gargantuan body pulls on my back and I worry I’m forming a hump. I don’t want a hump. No one looks at a humped-woman and thinks, “I’d tap that.” I don’t want to apply for AARP just yet or dive into candle-making. The Ergo is the best. thing. ever. I don’t feel anything when I wear it. Unlike wearing the sling, I don’t feel like a fumblina when I’m strapping Nathan in. And unlike wearing the Bjorn, I don’t feel like a trend-hungry tool.

If the Ergo inventor is a woman, that’s cool. I’d go gay for the Ergo.

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  1. Wow, you got me all excited to buy the carrier. But, holy chow – it’s expensive.

  2. Yes. That’s the downside to it. I paid 97 dollars with tax, but I plan to sell the other carriers along with my immortal soul. I think I might break even.

  3. I so want one now and ditto what Deece said… Whew!

    Great plan that Nate has got… FUNNY!

  4. Mommy off the Record says:

    LOL–you sold me at “I’d go gay for the Ergo.” Now that must be an incredible product.

  5. NurseRatched says:

    Just wait until you start wearing your little one on your back with the Ergo – you can wear him all day. For anyone who you’ve now convinced to order an Ergo, I suggest:

    Their service is amazing, and they have a 90-day money back guarantee. I got an original Ergo as a gift and used it a few times before the New Generation Ergo was introduced – myfavoritebabycarrier let me trade up to the New carrier.

  6. My dad bought one to use with RJ and he loved it. He took him on hashes and even bike riding. RJ’s 4 1/2 and when my parents go on hikes he still uses it and can still fit into it.

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