The dark lord known as Expedia

On Friday I purchased three tickets to St. Louis through Expedia. I attempted to do it online, but by the time I was ready to complete the order, it said that it encountered an error and I would have to call customer service. So I did. I managed to get three tickets for us and I received the itinerary while still on the phone. I noticed that the guy made out the itinerary for me, my husband and some kid named Nathan Kickey.

“My son’s last name is not Kickey.”

“Oh! Good thing you found that out now! It would have been really hard to correct that in an hour.”

Gee. I’m really glad I caught your mistake, stupidhead.

“Let me just stop the ticketing now and correct the itinerary. I just need your credit card again.”

“Isn’t it going to charge my card twice?”

“It shouldn’t charge it twice, ma’am. I stopped the ticketing.”

I checked my account immediately after he corrected it and yes indeedy, my balance showed they took another $842.43. He apologized again and said that it would take about two to three business days to get the money (MY MONEY!) back into my account and since I did it on a Friday, I should expect a refund on Wednesday since weekends are not included.

But he did refund the $10 booking fee.

I called the airline and told them what the dumbshit Expedia did to me and agent pointed out that I had to call them again because they hadn’t voided out the original itinerary. I had two identical reservations.

Another call to Expedia. This time a lady told me the first guy didn’t void out the first flight at all, he just stopped the ticketing. Whatever the hell that means. That’s probably Expedia-speak for he wanted to take my ass for a ride.

When I called this morning to ask why the hell I hadn’t been refunded MY MONEY, the guy tried to appease me by applying a $50 credit to my Expedia account, which doesn’t equal cash, it means I can take $50 off their next fuck-up.

Have you ever been royally screwed this way by Expedia or some other stupid company quickly whisks dollars away and puts it on the we’ll-take-our-sweet-ass-time train?

I need a hug. Or some jolly ranchers.

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  1. I would have told that guy to put a manager on IMMEDIATELY! We would have been out of money if someone charged us twice that amount! GEEZ! That is totally unacceptable! Recovering 20 bucks is one thing 3-5 days later, but that amount… NOOOOO, I would have SCREAMED!

    Sorry about your mishap. It seems every company has a complete idiot working for them (or a few).

  2. (I’m putting this mssage again, i think I put in the wrong blog before). EXPEDIA. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    EXPEDIA ruined my trip and they tried to steal money from my credit card for an airline ticket they failed to deliver. Later I found that EXPEDIA is listed in the top ripoff link at the bad business bureau ( ) and has two “dedicated” websites due to poor customer support and lies: and

    Kind regards

  3. I think I did my last trip on Travelocity. They have great deals and also have settings so it tells you when pricing is lower than a certain amount you specify.

    I am sorry to hear what John said. Man, how do businesses stay alive with that kind of negative feedback?

  4. Ugh! That’s horrible! While I will never use Expedia, I’m not sure that I can resist singing along with the commercials – Expedia, dot cooommm!

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