4 reasons why I didn’t fit in at the Blog Business Summit reception

1. I didn’t register for the actual conference. (Three days=$995. Gulp!) So I looked like a completely cheap bastard when someone asked me which sessions I had attended and all I had to say was, “Uh, I got an email and heard there was crudite.”

2. I do not know anything about metrics or rss feeds, so I had to awarkdly nod with interest as the guy who apparently gave the talk on rss feeds was explaining his system of tracking numbers and he lost me somewhere at data sets.

3. I lied, horribly. One guy asked me how many people visit my site and I said I get a thousand unique hits a day. Sorry, dude. I really meant ten, and that’s only if my sister visits this site from another computer.

4. I wore a pink coat and boots. Here’s what I learned quickly: no one wears pink! I looked like a plaid pink blob moving from the food area of the reception to the drinks area, acting like I was scouring the crowd for someone familiar, but I wasn’t. I was looking for the rest of my dignity, which I haven’t seen since the ’90s.

Luckily, I was saved from feigning interest in issues too geeky for my blood when I met Kristin of Tallnlucky who also blogs at a secret site called Blogging Baby and Linda of Sundry Mourning who has this blog and this blog. They were fun and easy to talk to and made the aforementioned tech-bullshitting and awkwardness worth it.

At the BlogHer Business Summit Reception

Linda carries the kind of sharp wit and hilarity that makes me feel like every time I talk my mouth turns into a dead fish. She is too funny!

Kristin was hit on a few times, too! No one has ever hit on me because of my height, but if you like to watch Little People, Big World and harbor a fetish for stumpy legs, then I’ve got a hot pair of gams for you.

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  1. No one wears pink?
    But the pink coat is so cute!!

  2. Drat, I must have missed you! Me and my pink-tipped braids have been feeling like a freak all week.

  3. Sorry you felt that way while you were there. Glad you met up with some cool bloggers!

  4. Mona, you fit in just fine at the reception, at least when you were with your fellow BlogHer type folks.

    And yes, no one wears pink, but that just means it makes it easier to get noticed if you are wearing pink.

  5. A Blog Business Summit!?! On a scale of 1 to dork, is that above or below Star Wars?

  6. Tracie: Thanks! I’m glad it still fits.

    Ariel: I was hoping to see you!

    Gina: Yes, it was very cool to meet up with them. It made me feel less dorky.

    Brian: It was nice talking to you Brian. There’s still a lot about I have to learn about the blogosphere.

    Angelo: don’t hate, congratulate. But to answer your question, it’s below Star Wars but above D&D.

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