If The Shoe Fits

Farewell porn star shoes

In total Monday coolness news: my porn star shoes are up in Beth’s If The Shoe Fits photo gallery. It satisfies the voyeur in me to read about what other people keep in their closets. I am the nosey type of person who tries to get a look into other people’s homes as I take a walk on Alki. If I can guess what they’re watching on TV, I feel like I’ve won some sort of game.

I don’t look into cars, though. That’s just wrong.

Charlie thinks he's a baby

I’ve had to kick my cat Charlie out of the crib about three times this week. Does anyone know how to keep the cat out of the crib without disturbing the baby? I’ve looked into crib tents, but I won’t have any free hands to unzip it open if my arms are full with a sleeping baby and I’ve already spent way too much money on baby gear. What works? Tin foil? Double-sided tape? Fake mice?

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  1. The only thing that’s worked for me is keeping the door shut at all times. Tin foil is hard to move when holding a baby, it’s surprisingly loud actually.

  2. Thanks Laura! I was thinking about that. If I left it in there, Nathan might roll on it and eat it. I wouldn’t put anything past him.

  3. Those shoes are a RIOT, but the cat in the baby crib steals the cake. :o)

  4. Black Sheeped says:

    Maybe that cat needs its own crib.

    The trick to getting a pet into clothing is…not really caring how it feels about it. You know, not really “respecting” the pet’s “personal space” or “dignity”. But cats are definitely more slippery than dogs. That’s where catnip comes in.

    Drooling drugged up cat + small dog shirts that say “Killer” = prime photo opportunities.

    Those shoes are out. of. control.

  5. Black Sheeped says:

    Also, I’ve had horrible experiences with Expedia. I try to book directly through airlines now.

  6. Thanks Kara for the costume idea. I’m so going to get kitty drugs now. šŸ˜‰ And Expedia is the devil.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you have kittie nip, I would suggest making a little bed for the cat and rubbing some nip on the top of the fabric so the cat only wants to be preoccupied over at its own space not by napping in Nate’s bed.


  8. I had the baby crib, changing table and what-not set up months before Liam came to use it all. We trained the cats not to breath on ANYTHING baby related. It worked. They have only jumped on the changing table twice and quickly remembered to jump down. Now they plain avoid the baby’s room altogether and the door is open all the time.

    Good luck… yeah tin foil can be noisy!

  9. Lilly, when we first got this cat, I bought a little bed and thought he would take, but he’s preferred our bed, couch, my black pants as a comfortable spot. I’ll try to experiment him away with cat nip, though.

    Gina, I wish I had been that smart. But no. I thought naively that the stars would just align for me and that the human world and animal world would mesh.

  10. If you put the dog in the crib, it should keep the cat out.

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