The bane of my existence

My cat on the freaking roof

I almost killed myself trying to extract my cat from the effing roof.

Something tells me I wouldn’t have this problem with a dog. I’ve never heard of a dog being rescued from a roof or a tree. Do dogs eat flowers, especially anniversary bouquets husbands bring home?

Only hardcore riddling can soothe me now. Thanks Anne for pointing me to the fruits of the devil.

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  1. Dogs might not eat flowers, but they have been known to chew shoes…and I had one growing up that liked to eat books!

  2. Oh no, my cat is on the room! Quick get the camera!

  3. bad speller Angelo says:

    roof, not room

  4. Pendullum says:

    You have one crazy cat!
    And looks like the bain of your existance will be around for many years to come… as CATS live much longer than dogs…
    I think they feed off the negative energy… So your cat is here to stay..

  5. Mommy off the Record says:

    I’m more of a cat person than a dog person myself. But I would be annoyed if I had to go after my cat on the roof. Glad you survived the escapade!

  6. anne nahm says:

    (insert evil laugh here – mu-wha-hahahaha!) Happy Halloween! Enjoy the horrors of your butt slowly growing into the chair as you play helplessly for hours and hours.

    Because what else are friends for?

  7. Ever since I gave birth, I have referred to my cats exactly the same way you titled this post. I can’t stand them! They have eaten most of my flower arrangements too. We haven’t had any roof incidents… but there is no possible way for them to get up there. They have gotten stuck in the neighbor’s yard a few times because they could jump over the fence from our side, but couldn’t do that from the other. Dummies…

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