Get thee to an OB

Lately I’ve been thinking that I want to have another baby. I enjoyed my pregnancy with Nathan and who knows, maybe we’ll luck out and have another awesome kid who cracks up at his own gas. Then I realized that I don’t want another baby, I want a double stroller. I don’t know what attracts me to those half-domed vehicles, but whenever I see a woman with her kin ferried in those large stadium seat-gliders, I think, I want that. This just means I need to get my IUD quick until I have a genuine reason to fertilize my ladygarden.

EDIT: I must point out that “ladygarden” is my friend Bea’s word. I am a word thief.

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  1. I feel the same way, except I want to have another baby so I can be pregnant. I loved being pregnant so much. But of course, I wouldn’t be able to function for 6 weeks with the nausea, and I definitely couldn’t take care of a baby through that. And when the pregnancy is over, I’d have another child. I think I just need to be a surrogate once Andy is old enough to watch tv all day long uninterrupted.

  2. rachel a jewish wannabe mother says:

    Whoa dude! Ok, I am so amazed at this realization. You liked being pregnant? What about the no alcohal or cigarette thing for 9 months? Doesn’t that drive you nuts? What about the actual labor? My friend Lisa says it’s really a blur and you don’t really remember the horror of it all. Is that true? Women are f-ing amazing. Well, don’t worry…I wanna a have one in the near future, but first we must find me a husband. So if you know anyone, hook it up! p.s. my horoscope says December is a good month for me to get pregnant.

  3. I’m having fun being pregnant again! And I wasn’t as sick this time around. But I think I’m tired more often. And I’m starting to feel the back pain, the saiatica, the carpel tunnel….all that other good stuff.

    I’ve always wanted a double stroller….but the spacing between our kids doesn’t warrant one. (This makes my bank account happy.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mona – Ladygarden!?!

    Seriously, if you fancy a double buggy, not to mention stretch marks, double tummy sag, double sleeplessness, double all-day-sickness and double negative bank balance, go right ahead… But if you opt for the IUD you can turn your ‘ladygarden’ in to a ‘ladyplayground’ until further notice…

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