Hi-five for sex crimes!

Why today was chock-full of awesomeness:

1. Mike, Nathan and I met Anthony at the Metro and watched Borat. We took advantage of the Metro’s crying room, which I highly recommend for anyone who wants to bring a baby to a theater. Tangent: since there’s only one crying room at the Metro, the movie selections are sometimes questionable for kids. I called last week and Saw III was offered in the crying room. Still, hi-five for sex crimes! All was well until I found Anthony teaching Nathan how to play “quarters” using Avent bottles.

2. I found out that a former boss of mine gave me a glowing review which I expected because she’s such a sweet person, but hearing someone say something nice about me which did not involve any bribes or checks made payable to said reviewer was especially awesome.

3. I lost three pounds this week! And crystal meth gets such a bad name, paa-shaa!

4. About a month ago, Nathan was casted to be a baby model for a local high-end children’s clothing website. The website hasn’t launched, but the owner emailed me a few of the photos and it healed my broken spirit at Babies R Us. Before you think I’ve turned my son into some JonBenét or John Benet, rather, I will most likely never do it again. I was ill-prepared and exhausted. I didn’t have a boppy or bumbo seat with me, so I had to hold him up while ducking out of the shot. And since he couldn’t sit up on his own, I had to be ready to catch his gargantuan head before it hit the grass.

My son, the fashionisto:

You like? I like! It’s nice!

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  1. rachel a jew says:

    If Nathan turns out to be gay we will all know that this is your fault somehow! JK…Well, I am going to see Borat tonight at 6pm and am sooooooo excited. Basically, if you don’t take a jew, you must be really anti-semetic or something.

    p.s. Do you know how hot Sacha Baron Cohen is in *REAL* life??? Totally hot!

    p.p.s congrats on the 3 pounds. when do you wanna work out? next week perhaps?

  2. He is totally hot sans mustache.

    And yes! Let’s work out! Please wear your thong leotard. I will just wear my thong outside my stretchy pants.

  3. That last photo is PRICELESS!!!! LOVE that face, the hand placement and oh that hat!

    3lbs in one week is so awesome! Way to go! It’s just going to keep melting off, mine is still going and I only boob feed 3 times a day now.

  4. rachel a jew says:

    hahaha! Can you imagine if I showed up at the gym in my thong leotard?! Shit. I would be like the female Borat or Ali G. *sigh* I saw Borat last night and I am soooooooooo in love with Sacha. Holy Damn!

    When do you normally go to the gym? E-mail me or something and we’ll see if I can get on your work out party line. thecandyqueen@gmail.com

  5. Mommy off the Record says:

    Wow! Nathan is a model!? How cool! Those pictures are adorable.

    p.s. gotta any meth you can sell me?

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