I woke up this morning and saw white blobs falling outside. It’s a snowpocalypse! Snow means three things in Seattle: 1) it is too cold to rain, 2) this is what everyone will talk about today and 3) no one will know how to drive.

We lived in Oregon when I was in the first and second grade and I remember seeing my breath for the first time. I almost hyperventilated trying to keep that mouth-fog going. I didn’t see snow again until the third grade when some company in Japan shipped over a container of snow to Saipan so the mall could hold a snowman contest. Unfortunately, when the snow became tightly packed ice blocks so snowmen were impossible. One kid suffered a black eye during a snowfight.

If it doesn’t melt, I’ll call the babysitter while Mike cues “Eye of the Tiger” because there is going to be some serious snowball royale today.

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