I am writing this at my husband’s work, charging up the laptop and cell phone whilst blogging. I am one of the 533,000 people in Seattle still without power. The neighbors a few blocks down have power, enough to juice up their five-foot Christmas Around The World globe.

Some people have said stupid things like, “It’s just like camping!” or “I know how the homeless people feel!” The only time I’ve ever slept outdoors was when I fell asleep in my car during finals week because I was too tired to make it up the steps. And this is nothing like that because I had a warm home welcoming me in.

Mike was ready to fire up the bbq and make a 36-egg omelette, but it was time to toss it out along with cheese, milk and frozen food (you’re in a better place now, organic blueberries). All this waste is breaking my heart.

Mike turned to me last night and said, “I don’t know what’s crazier, this storm or you asking, ‘Is it the End Times?'”

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  1. oh, yeesh. My sympathies.

  2. My sympathies as well. I had no idea… it was probably on the news and I rarely watch the news… I hope everything lights up soon!

  3. Mommy off the Record says:

    Are you serious? OMG. I am so sorry. That sucks. Really, really, REALLY sucks.

    May you have power again very soon!

  4. Eh, it’s not that bad. Just think of it as being just like when we were kids and the power would be off for a few weeks at a time after big typhoons. (yes, it was more bearable for me because we had a generator.)

    šŸ™‚ I didn’t read your most recent “Powerful” post, but I hope it wasn’t too bad having to ride it out with Nathan.

  5. Yes, I thought about how it was on Saipan. But on Saipan, I never had to worry about my dagan freezing. The coldest I ever became back home was when I would step into my air-conditioned room after taking a shower. This was definitely worse.

  6. Dawn Chrystal says:

    I voluntarily bring myself back to my childhood every now and then – when I don’t feel like running downstairs to turn on the water pump, or the water heater. I’m 23 weeks pregnant and I sometimes shower by pouring freezing water on myself with an empty sour cream container. This won’t continue much longer.

  7. Why is my name showing!?! My name is Deece! How do I fix this?

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