Get out my snow shoes, we’re walking to Dress Barn

Five inches of snow
Originally uploaded by hello insomnia.

Me: There’s a lot of snow here in Seattle, Mom.

Mom: Oh?

Me: Yeah, cars are being abandoned on the side of the freeway.

Mom: Oh. Does that mean you can’t go to Dress Barn?

Me: Mom, I just said there’s a lot of snow.

Mom: I just need a 3/4-sleeve blouse. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Me: I can’t go to Dress Barn, Mom.

Mom: How about Target, then?

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  1. R A C H E L says:

    why doesn’t she make her own blouse? Word on the street is that she’s excellent with a sewing machine.

  2. Her eyesight isn’t as sharp as it once was. And after making clothes for decades, I’m sure she’s tired.

  3. we’ve totally swapped climates. we’re getting all your rain!

  4. Cee, did you get all our stupid drivers, too?

  5. pfft.. there’s more than the usual on the roads lately!

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