Hello 2007!

I have only one feasible resolution this year and that’s to stop yelling, “HELLO!” when I phone people. This was suggested by my sister who asked me to just say, “Hello, Bobb,” instead of my usual trans-Pacific holler.

I have another less realistic goal for ’07: take a stand-up comedy class. I’ve always had a dream of working a stage. In second grade, I used my show-and-tell time to rehash Sinbad jokes, including one on how bikinis looked more like dental floss. I filled Nathan’s first baby book with preggy material instead of entries on his arrival.

I’m no stranger to the mic. In high school, I competed in tons of debates, mock trials, and speech cups, so stand-up couldn’t be too far from that. Instead of arguing intelligent design in high school curriculum, immigration reform or the ratification of the Kyoto protocol, my topic will be, “Resolved: you are a bacon monster.”

Here’s hoping for laughs in 2007.

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  1. MONA! Holy shite! I literally wrote myself a note last night to remind me to tell you I had a brilliant thought regarding your future! šŸ™‚

    You should definitely hit up the stand-up circuit. It would be the first cool hip mom/baby act!

    So money, baby…

  2. Tea Fairy says:

    GO Mona GO Mona GO Mona…
    I’ll keep an eye out for UK gigs!!

  3. Mommy off the Record says:

    You would be great at the stand up comic thing. You are hilarious. Go for it!!

    And don’t forget us little people when you make it big!

  4. Seriously, I would love to see you doing stand up! Be sure to hit SLC on your future tour!

  5. last comic standing– they still doing that?

  6. I know there are some open mic nights like at Giggles. I might look into that. A gal from Kent got into the last season of LCS, so if she can do it, I’m sure I can!

  7. First Chamorro stand up comedienne…not too shabby!! Go for it, Mona!

  8. Saipan Chamoale says:

    Dorkiness ahead:

    I noticed that your sitemeter isn’t appearing on your item pages. You might be missing some of your visits. If this bothers you (I bet it does!) then you might want to check the html in your template. See where your site meter is and look for something above and below that looks like MainorArchive

    You want it to say something like MainorArchiveorItem.

    Good luck.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You are hilarious! Go for it!

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