In which Paula Abdul one-ups me

I’ve mentioned the time Mike once took me to the Groz with Gas-a-Thon, a fundraiser held by the local sports station 950 KJR and during that event, I went up quite drunkenly to John Clayton and slurred, “My fiance thinks you’re a geniussss.”

Since then, I’ve cringed at that moment and how embarrassing it was to be so publicly drunk, my mouth full of idiot-speak and Jack Daniels breath. And then effing Paula Abdul had to take that away from me with this:

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  1. I swear I could smell her toxic breath as I watched the video. WHOOWEE!!!

  2. R A C H E L says:

    OMG! I have been outta the loop since my return from London. I hadn’t seen this! And on a Seattle news show no less? I’m wondering though, was she really “drunk” or is this more of an oxycontin behavior? Shit, I dunno, but it’s probably going to be the highlight of 2007.

  3. Wow. I must say. I was impressed, elated and shocked all at the same time. I need to come up with a word for that.

    Now that is qual-i-T television.

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