all the live long day

This past two weeks of jobbity-jobness has not been without doubts. Frowning thoughts have jabbed at me during the commute like, “WHAT AM I DOING WHEN THERE IS STILL SO MUCH GOLDEN GIRLS TO WATCH!” I drove the first week and then remembered that I hate hate hate driving in Seattle during the morning, the exact window of time everyone in the Pacific Northwest gets into his/her respective Prius and decides to get in the way of my arriving-to-work-on-time goals. I don’t get road rage, friends, I get road murder.

I’ve been taking the bus and my chi is back to normal. Not just because I don’t have to spend money on gas/oil/parking, but because I get to hang around crazy people again! I love you Metro for putting the crazies and loud mouths in my ear-hungry proximity.

Like today, when the pleather-jacketed dude sitting across stopped hypothesizing on Nam long enough to look up and say, “Sorry about that. Just working some shit out.” And what about the mousse-haired pre-teens dressed in suits, nudging each other with, “Let me show you which building I want to throw a rock at!”

Let’s find a backseat, King County. Awww yeah.

Nathan has been cruising a lot lately, shakily making his way from the coffee table to the couch, from the couch to whatever’s nearby, like my lap or Lilo the autistic cat. If he were in college, he could blame the utter lack of graceful movement on the beer bong, but he’s only nine months old and has only his developing motor skills to curse as he crashes onto the carpet. I shake my head at this and point at him, “Well there goes MENSA! Way to go my first-born!”

And would someone tell me how many times he has to smack his head on the side of the couch before he really needs a helmet?


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  1. I’ve always been amazed at the way kids keep on trying to learn how to walk despite the fact that they FALL ALL THE TIME. There isn’t an adult on the planet who would learn anything that involved falling even HALF as much as babies fall learning to walk – except maybe snowboarding – but for that you only have to fall for three days and you get to wear a butt pad.

  2. thecandyqueen says:

    Nathan looks like the devil in that pic.

  3. Nathan is looking more like you! šŸ™‚

  4. My little guy is 17 months and still smacks his head into the sofa although now it’s on purpose most times(Don’t ask. He seems none the worse for wear so don’t worry.

    And he is adorable.

  5. Melissa Simms says:

    Maybe you should just wrap him up in bubble wrap… maybe then he would bounce.

  6. I’ve only taken the bus once in my life. There was a guy on there telling his little girl he was going to skin her and put her on his fireplace.

    Okay! No more bus for me.

    PS. Nathan is so freaking cute.

  7. Oh, The Joys says:

    Hey there. I nominated your for a ROFL Award. They are posted here. I don’t see your e-mail address on the blog so e-mail me and I’ll reply and send you the code for the award button.

  8. Stephanie mama drama says:


    Oh, and I *heart* crazy people, too!!

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