Aren’t they supposed to be knitting sweaters?

At the Greenlake PCC today, I saw two elderly white women almost come to blows over a parking spot. It was like the deleted scenes of the Cocoon Director’s Cut DVD, the part that shows what the movie was really about, not procreating with aliens, but pure grandma-on-grandma fisticuffs. As I watched these grannies barking outside their Buicks, ready to pull the curls out of the other’s eggplant colored coif, I thought, if you shop organic but fight it out, does it mean that you love the earth but hate the people living there?

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  1. haha you have great story-telling abilities!!

  2. Oh, The Joys says:

    Kick ass Grannies!!! W00T!

  3. Hell yeah. People who love the earth and/or animals often show less empathy for people. I will never understand why they throw things at me when I’m just trying to eat a bloody carcass off styrofoam IN PEACE.

    Back off, psycho hippies! And keep your grannies locked up where they won’t hurt anyone. *wink*

    P.S. Are you Mona from #seattle?

  4. I was never on the #seattle IRC channel, if that’s what you mean.

  5. Weird. There was a Mona on there several years ago – and you remind me of her. Similar sense of humor. She even worked at a gym!

    You must have a clone. šŸ™‚

  6. I live in south Florida and I can tell you with certainty people underestimate the elderly all the time. They are mean and tough and often feel they are entitled simply because they are old.
    There should really be some sort of reality show like “When octogenarians attack” or something.

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