big face

Sometimes Mike and I wonder what we did to have a son who is consistently happy.

Sometimes, I talk to myself the way I talk to Nathan because man, that boy’s funny.

I love the screen capture here. Thanks YouTube for making my husband look like the big-cheeked cloud on a map that blows wind into the ocean.

life is good

Sometimes, life gets too be so good, I think, yeah, I could live this day again.

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  1. The Saipan Blogger says:

    Is he consistently happy or constantly happy?

  2. He’s very cute! Happy babies are the best! I can’t wait for my other little one to arrive.

  3. Nathan is very cute, Mona! I want to squeeze his chubby cheeks. Oh, was that Mike talking about wishing he could fire everyone he works with? Haha

  4. Well, with a rockin’ hot hilarious momma like you, why wouldn’t he be happy?

    Cute cute pics!! Love it.

  5. aww! how adorable!!! love all your captured moments….

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